Monday, 5 October 2015

Turkey’s New Export Item: ASELSAN Stabilized Weapon Systems Ordered by Malaysia

Stabilized We​apon Systems are designed and developed by ASELSAN in order to fit different caliber guns. These systems are selected by armed forces of 11 different countries.

Two recent export contracts have been signed for the systems. Kazakhstan and Malaysia Armed Forces selected ASELSAN weap​​on systems.

Also known as, "Remote Controlled Weapon Systems (RCWS)", these systems can be used as fixed stations as well as integrat​ed on land/naval plarforms.

​ASELSAN Stabilized Weapon Systems are currently in the inventory of Turkish Coast Guard Command, Turkish Navy, Turkish Army and Turkish Police. Furthermore, Croatia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Bahrain, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Georgia and Malaysia armed forces preferred ASELSAN weapon systems.

ASELSAN Weapon Systems ​in Service of Malaysia
ASELSAN has signed a contract on 15 September 2015 with a Malaysian company, for 30mm SMASH Remote Controlled Weapon Systems to be integrated on new patrol crafts of the Malaysian Government agency.

Turkish–Kazakh Co​​operation for Weapon Systems
ASELSAN has signed a contract on 13 August 2015 with a local partner in Kazakhstan, for SARP Remote Controlled Weapon Systems to be integrated on armored vehicles of Kazakhstan Army.

SARP Systems which will be jointly developed and manufactured by local partner (KAE), is a remotely controlled and stabilized weapon system developed for land platforms.

Transfer of Tec​hnology to UAE
ASELSAN has established a joint venture company , IGG ASELSAN Integrated Systems (IAIS), in UAE in 2011 for production, integration, test and logistic support of ASELSAN Stabilized Weapon Systems in the Gulf Region. 

Remote Controlled Weapon​​ Systems
ASELSAN weapon systems, which are named STAMP, SARP, STOP and SMASH, are equipped with electro optic suites consisting of long range and high-precision thermal camera, daylight camera and laser range finder, suitable for recognition, detection and identification of targets in day/night and adverse environmental conditions.

System is operated by a console. With the console, gunner can locate and track (automatic when desired) the target while maximizing the hit accuracy with ballistic computations where maximum safety is provided for the gunner. ​​​

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