Monday, 23 December 2013


By M Hanif Ismail

(New generation of Senoi Praaq. Source: 3rd GOF)

Senoi Praaq – the name may sounds familiar to the local defence watchers, but outside that (small) circle, its mention may very well draw a blank.

Senoi Praaq means “War people” or “those who fight” in the Semai language. Senoi Praaq started as a special project under the British during the First Emergency (1948 – 1960), to replace the British SAS squadrons leaving the country. It was dispatched to Vietnam during the Vietnam War as part of collaboration between the British and the US intelligence to train Vietnamese indigenous people collectively known as the Montagnards.

This article will look at the activities of the Senoi Praaq after the end of Konfrontasi, its activities during the Second Emergency (1968-1989), including its switch from under the Department of Aboriginal Affairs to the Royal Malaysian Police.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Serangan Dron Hanya Melahirkan Lebih Banyak Musuh Buat Amerika Syarikat

 Oleh Yusni Yussof

Dron Predator melancarkan misil! ( Kredit foto kepada General Atomics Aeronautical system Inc. )

Serangan terbaru  dron milik Amerika Syarikat di Yaman pada 13 Disember lalu telah mengakibatkan kematian 14 orang awam dan 22 orang yang lain tercedera. Lebih malang, serangan tersebut dilancarkan ke atas konvoi  kenderaan-kenderaan yang  sedang meraikan perkahwinan penduduk tempatan. Di dalam insiden tersebut, 2 orang pemimpin puak yang berpengaruh turut terkorban.Penganalisis berpendapat bahawa insiden-insiden sebegini yang begitu banyak dilaporkan semenjak AS menggiatkan usaha membunuh individu-individu yang dikaitkan dengan al Qaeda hanya  menimbulkan kemarahan dan kebencian terhadap AS, sekaligus melahirkan simpati terhadap perjuangan al Qaeda. 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

China Upping the Ante – Are We Ready? Part 4

By Danny Liew Shan Lee

(The Dragon vs The Eagle. Where should we be in the grand scheme of things? Source: Internet)

In the previous installment, we get to face how our much vaunted FPDA is actually just a granite giant with clay feet.  Make no mistake, the illusion of grandeur that FPDA had on us should be discarded as it has blind-sided us for years, that the British would come and assist us at time of war.

Now that we realized this, would there be any one that would come to our help if China turns belligerent? That it is an open secret that any conflict with China will probably attract the attention of the United States, thus it would not be a surprise that the US will have a special interest in the region.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

China Upping the Ante – Are We Ready? Part 3

By Danny Liew Shan Lee

(FPDA a toothles tiger? Source: Internet)

In part 2, we have seen that the planned war games with China do not mean that we have chosen to ally ourselves with the Middle Kingdom.  In fact, it is probably more of a confidence building measure (CBM). 

In the recent parliamentary seating, opposition MPs had unveiled their alternative budget.  For defence, they had advocated cut in military CAPEX, citing that we have a standing defence pact in the FPDA, or Five-Power Defence Agreement.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

China Upping the Ante – Are We Ready? Part 2

By Danny Liew Shan Lee

(China and Malaysia. Source: Wikimedia)

In Part 1, we examined the precarious situation that we are or will be in in the near future.  Like it or not, we would not be able to deny access to China to our territorial waters.  Their military might makes us a small pushover for them. 

So does it mean, if we can’t beat them, we join them?

Monday, 2 December 2013

China Upping the Ante, Are We Ready?

By: Danny Liew Shan Lee

(China's new ADIZ: Source: SCMP)

The 9 – Dotted Line, Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, the Spratly, the ADIZ, and now the Liaoning, PLAN's first aircraft carrier.  The Dragon has awakened and it is asserting its claim over its historical territories. 

For China’s immediate neighbours, the growing strength of China’s military might is disconcerting.  The claim on Senkaku/Diaoyu chain of islands and the unilateral declaration of Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) over the same area had rattled her neighbours, particularly South Korea and Japan, both of which has overlapping claims over the chain of islands.

But the biggest bombshell would be the launching of Liaoning’s sea trial in the seas of South China Sea, which China sees as her own playground.  The launch, declared earlier last week caused trepidation over the region as the exercise is being seen as potentially as an escalation of aggression in the hotly contested region.

Part One

In this article, we will examine the relationship between Malaysia and China.  How this relationship had been built from Day 1 till today.  We will examine also how China’s multiple unilateral actions and military build-up has led to slow erosion of our relationship.

We will also look into the current and near future order of battle of Malaysian forces, on how these could interdict Chinese hegemony in the region.
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