Monday, 14 October 2013

Kriss Vector Firearms - Reducing Recoils to Increase Accuracy

Over the years, one of the common discomforts experienced by enforcers, soldiers and operators is shooting recoil. Normally when a person pulls the trigger on any firearm,  the recoil force will slam back into the shooter’s shoulder, causing massive amounts of felt recoil and resultant muzzle climb. This felt recoil and increased muzzle climb will drastically reduce the accuracy of the operator and the time needed to re-acquire the target.

Introducing the Kriss Vector system;  developed by Kriss Arms over a 5-year period in cooperation with the US Army ARDEC Picatinny Arsenal.  While traditional firearms utilize a “straight-line” design that drives the action of the firearm directly toward the operator creating a substantial increase in the felt recoil and movement, the KRISS Vector overcomes the effects of the felt recoil by re-directing the blow back energy down and away from the operator.


As a result, the Vector reduces the felt recoil and muzzle climb through a counter-balancing mass in the form of the bolt and slider mechanism that absorbs the shock and redirects the forces away from the operator. This action will increase the operator’s ability to consistently put rounds on target faster and more accurately whether it’s semi-auto, multi-round burst or a full automatic rate of fire.

By re-vectoring these forces, the patented Vector system works with the shooter by helping keep the muzzle exactly where the operator points it. No recapturing or reacquiring of sight picture is needed.

The system has been designed to meet the demand of today's changing tactical challenges. Due to its small platform envelope and light weight, the KRISS is easily deployed in CQB and mobile tactical situations. Currently the system can be found adopted into four categories of firearms; Carbines, Short Barrel Rifles, Pistols and Submachine guns. In any mode of firearm, the Vector  system is capable of reaching firing rate up to 1200 rounds-per-minute at stand-off distance of 100 metres.

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