Saturday, 19 September 2015

16th Malaysia, Philippines Joint Army Training focuses on disaster response, management cooperation

CAPAS, Tarlac, September 16 (PIA) -- The ongoing 16th Land Training Activity of Malaysia and Philippine Armies has focused on intensifying cooperation on disaster response and management as the two neighboring nations continue to experience the detrimental effects of climate change.

“Developing a comprehensive disaster response and management strategy is essential in countries frequently hit by calamities. The overarching duties and responsibilities embedded on the bilateral exercise provide an upper hand defending against regional disasters affecting Malaysia and Philippines,” Army Vice Commander Major General Demosthenes Santillan said.

He explained that the ongoing training between the Philippine and Malaysian Army was instrumental in enhancing the troops’ decision-making process on disaster management.

Further, the joint military training would strengthen international agreements aimed at developing and promoting cooperative activities between the two countries.

“The joint exercise cites the milestone we achieve for working hand in hand these past few years. Yearly holding of the same activity has become part of the Army’s tradition. This tradition is a celebration of people and soldiers coming together to commit themselves to duty and service in pursuit of global excellence,” he added. (CLJD/LGCC-PIA 3)

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