Sunday, 8 March 2015

Cutting Edge Solutions from Saab at LIMA 2015

The Gripen NG (Source: Saab)
Saab will be present at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre, Langkawi, Malaysia from 17-21 March 2015, where company will put on display a spectrum of Saab systems covering the air, surface, land and coastal security domains that provide Malaysian military forces complete command over the country.
The security landscape changes rapidly, and countries need sophisticated capabilities to counter emerging threats. Advanced technology and innovative thinking are the key to maintaining security and protecting your interests.

Saab 340 MSA (Source: Saab)
Saab combines engineering excellence with practical knowledge to stay at the forefront of technology. The company uses its thinking edge to develop and deliver cutting-edge solutions that give their customers the capabilities they need.
The company will be displaying a wide range of maritime and aerospace solutions at LIMA 2015, including Airborne Surveillance Solutions, Gripen, Radar Solutions, Electronic Warfare Systems, Integrated Communication Solutions, Missile Systems, Avionics Systems, and Command and Control Systems.
Products on display will be Gripen; Gripen Cockpit Simulator; RBS15 Mk3 (naval variant); Erieye AEW&C; Surface Radar Solutions - Giraffe AMB, Sea Giraffe AMB, Sea Giraffe 4A & Sea Giraffe 1X; BOL; IDAS; ESTL; Saab 2000 Swordfish MPA; Saab 340 MSA; 9Airborne MMS; RBS70 NG VSHORAD; AviGuide HUD and TactiCall ICS among others.

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