Monday, 6 April 2015

MKN Evacuates Malaysians From Yemen, Expect To Depart For Malaysia Today

Datuk Mohamed Thajudeen Abdul Wahab

KUALA LUMPUR, April 5  -- A total of 156 Malaysians who had been evacuated from Yemen due to conflicts in the country, are expected to depart for home starting tomorrow.

National Security Council (MKN) secretary Datuk Mohamed Thajudeen Abdul Wahab said MKN had began efforts to evacuate Malaysians out of that strife-torn country.

"Yesterday 156 Malaysians together with seven Thais and six from Singapore have been evacuated (by the Malaysian government). The Philippines is also joining Malaysia (efforts) with 80 of their nationals joining us up to Hodeidah.

"From Hodeidah, they will join their embassy's evacuation programme," he said in a statement via the short message system Sunday night.

He said the Malaysians were now on their way to Jeddah and were expected to depart for Kuala Lumpur starting tomorrow.

All the students involved are from Sanaa, Hodeidah and Zabid.

Meanwhile, Wisma Putra in a statement said the second phase of evacuation will involve Malaysian students in Aden and Hadramaut province. "They are safe and their wellbeing is regularly monitored by the government of Malaysia. "The Malaysian embassy in Muscat, Oman is making the necessary arrangements to facilitate their evacuation as soon as possible," it said.

The statement said Wisma Putra would regularly provide updates on the status of the evacuation process. (Bernama)

Editor's Note: Majority of Malaysians (mostly students) are located mainly in four provinces which are Sana’a (159), Hodeidah (45), Aden (75) and Hadramawt (600). Malaysians in Sana’a, Hodeidah and Aden are reportedly safe. However, the Embassy has placed Hodeidah at the same alert level as Sana’a and Aden since the province is under Houthis’ control.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Security Council and the Ministry of Defence together with the Embassy of Malaysia in Sana'a are working closely in coordinating the evacuation. 

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